Temporary Foundation

" Constitution and Constellations: Turn Coat / Turn Court" is an installation intended for a temporary community called the Temporary Foundation.  There is no designated "artist" with an address, a name, or a nationality; the installation remains impersonal.  It consists of three models, a courtroom, a tennis court, and a jail and five cases called the Yokohama Trial.  The current Temporary Foundation attempts to reposition the "Court" series of Goh Hayashi and Hiroko Nakatsuka presented at the Kyoto Independents exhibition of 1983-85, transitioning from the "seeing / speaking" phase to a "body / territory / health / security" phase.   There is no linking of those elements, but a continual drifting between history's exterior and the now.

Numbered tickets are issued the day of the Case and the first 20 arrivals can be spectators.

Yokohama Triennale 2014