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Temporary Foundation


The Temporary Foundation refers to a community that is set up temporarily. However, this is not the first time the name has been used. In 1985 art critic Keiji Nakamura and Michiko Inoue of Gallery 16 set up a funding foundation called the Temporary Foundation to support the Kyoto Independents project, "The Celestial Maiden's Backyard" (Goh Hayashi and Hiroko Nakatsuka). Even though we are carrying the name over for this event, "foundation" no longer signifies temporary funding; instead it refers to the fact we are temporarily establishing a "national domain." An encounter with "Law and Constellations: Turn Coat / Turn Court" is not a reevaluation past events in the history of art in the here and now; we would like to see it as a celebratory work that invites total strangers to enter into an unknown time and space that is nowhere.      

(TAKAHASHI Satoru, Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts

Project Composition

Concept, design, implementation
Satoru Takahashi + Keiko Kurachi + Masayuki Sugiyama
Project inspection
Satoru Takahashi + Yasumasa Morimura + Shinji Kohmoto
Publicity, web and print design
Kazuki Hitoosa + Akira Nihei
Project support
Rui Mizuki + Daiki Minami + Giwan Kang + Tsuyoshi Hisakado
Yokohama Trial
Akira Tatehata + Shinsuke Shimojo + Masaki Nakamasa + Kenji Kajiya + Shinji Kohmoto + Yasumasa Morimura / Shing02
J. Front Design & Construction, Vestax Japan, Matsuno Ironworks, Kyoto City University of Arts Archival Research Center
This project received Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 24320043 for "Incomplete Musical Notations" and 26284021 for "The Art of Survival" from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)